March Madness

March has, by far, been the busiest month I’ve experienced yet, and it’s barely half way through! And it doesn’t look like it’s gonna slow down any time soon.

Here’s a run down of March thus far, for those keeping score at home:

  • Composed demo for “Game #1” from a development company in the Netherlands (and won the job!)

    equinepathfinders logo
  • Composed the score for the Equine Pathfinders Foundation promotional video
  • Composed 4 tracks for “Game #2” from Minneapolis
  • Traveled down to TN to perform some jazz on live TV at an event to raise money for my former high school band
  • Arranged 13 horn section (alto, tpt, tbn) charts for a new band, Elnora’s Revival
  • Performed said horn parts with Elnora’s Revival
    Note: UK basketball


  • Composed a cue for an episode of Dagger Kiss
  • Composed the score for the intro to “Game #1”

And that’s only so far… still yet to be completed:

  • Perform again tonight with Elnora’s Revival (and not forget to wear green!)
  • Compose a cue for another episode of Dagger Kiss

    Dagger Kiss
  • Compose 5 more tracks to complete the contract for “Game #2”
  • Put finishing production touches on music
    for “Game #1”
  • Perform with The HGH Band on the 29th, and again on the 31st in Lexington
  • Perform with Elnora’s Revival at the Eastern KY Expo Center on the 2nd (okay that’s in April, but still)
Elnora’s Revival


I would be lying if I said it hasn’t been exhausting, but I’m excited to have as much work as I do! Bring it on!

Although, I may need to look into upping my coffee budget…



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