Will has worked with several directors, producers, developers, and advertisers to create soundtracks and scores for film, video games, and other media. Below are some of the clients who have collaborated with Will to compose music for their project. You can also view his full CV located at the bottom of the page.

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Remnant 13 (2018) (TV Series)
Director – William David Glenn IV, Red Cap Productions

Watching the Detectives (2017) (short film/series)
Writer/Director – Mark Williams, Waddell 24 Productions

How Envy & Jealousy Killed Love (2017) (short film)
Writer/Director – Lilton Stewart III, November 11th Pictures

For Honor: Vikings vs. Knight (2017) (short film)
Director – Tom Field, Forest Studio Films

The Cure (2016) (short film)
Writer/Director – Nick Kelly

Death by Game Show (2016) (PC game)
Oointah Games

Dagger Kiss (2016) (web series)
Tucky Williams Productions & Stera Films, dist. Tello Films

Dune Lakes Lodge (2016) (promotional video)
Director/Producer – Anthony Nall

Star Trek: Alien Domain (PC game)
Hang Ten Interactive, Game Samba & CBS Interactive

Scoops of Steps (animated film)
Thinkingseedstudio L.L.C. & dir. George Fuentes

Bread Kittens (mobile game)
Bread Puppies
(mobile game)
Nomasaurus Rex
(mobile game)
Bake450 Studios

Full of Hot Air (short film)
dir. Bryan Harris

Yellow Box (animation)
Divine Symmetry [At the heart of the holy box] 
Far Away (animation)
Score accompaniment for abstract animations by Jérémie Brunet.

King’s Forge (PC)
Benjamin Johnson

Alun-Hevel (PC)
GSM Productions

Rusted Warfare (Tablet/Mobile)

Marbles (PC/Mobile)

Droid Towers (PC/Mobile)

Rooftop Runner (PC/Mobile)
Robert Tracy

Aerogami (Mobile)
Eric Vaughn

Wordcery (Mobile)
Insane Root

Soundtrack accompaniment for author Amanda Heller’s Walk of the Red Wolf series

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