Dagger Kiss 2 – Let the Madness Begin!

Scoring for Tucky Williams’ Dagger Kiss 2 has

Spotting Notes for DK2

finally begun this week, as post production on the sequel nears an end. All-in-all, about 20 cues of varying lengths will be composed over the next few weeks. Some cues will be based on pieces composed early on in the process, such as “Pillar of Strength”, whereas others will be new compositions.


“Pillar of Strength” is a character theme for Katia, who is a constant source of fierce strength and support for our hero, Arden. While Katia does not possess the magic powers that Arden does, she uses her fearlessness and mental prowess to take on her foes. The piece is bookended with a flowing oboe and string melody which takes on a feminine but strong quality. Horns and percussion take over to represent that strength, wit, and no-BS attitude that makes her a success on the battlefield.

DK2 muzak.png
A selection from “Pillar of Strength”

The rest of score contains a wide gamut of styles and moods; from the pure demonic sounds of “Presence Of Evil” to the romantic mood of “By Moonlight”. To hear them all, you’ll just have to check it out for yourself! Once post production comes to a close, the film will be available on Amazon Prime, among other distributors. So keep your eyes peeled and your ears open!


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