Here are a few audio samples of Will’s work.

Remnant 13

Here is a brief compilation of score themes within Remnant 13. Remnant 13 is a story of the cause of the Zombie Apocalypse. Dr. Mark Downing tries to cure his daughter of a brain tumor by getting treatment at a clandestine clinic. Something goes wrong, and the apocalyptic events start to unravel. Throughout the score, you can hear themes of love, loss, hopefulness, and downright horror!

Star Trek Alien Domain: Incursion

A new rogue faction comprised of former Dominion members have sent forces to the strange wormhole, only to have them disappear as well. Blaming the Federation for bringing this trouble to their home, this faction uses it as an excuse to begin a new conflict with the Federation forces.

Dagger Kiss

The following is a compilation of tracks composed/produced for Dagger Kiss, a series written and produced by Tucky Williams. Dagger Kiss is in its second season and follows a woman, Arden, who possesses magical powers. Arden travels between Earth and Altheria to defeat the evil forces of Zareth. Common themes represented in the series are magic, love, and of course good vs. evil. The second season is presented as a film, entitled Dagger Kiss: Blood of the Stars.

Star Trek: Alien Domain

This playlist contains 3 out of the 10 total tracks, in Star Trek: Alien Domain, by GameSamba and CBS Studios. 8472 is an ambient, mysterious track which represents the vastness and uncertainty of fluidic space. Federation and Klingon are samples which express the opposing cultures from the noble explorers of the Federation and the more barbaric methods of the Klingon Empire.

Orchestral Samples

This compilation includes a large portion of the orchestral works composed by Will. The first contains small sections from a variety of pieces stitched together, which spans from the dark and demented to the light and fun, from driving rhythms to memorable melodies.

Mobile Game Music

Mobile games tend to bring out the lighter side of music, which is reflected in this playlist. Will uses a combination of orchestral, electronic, and keyboard sounds to create a fun atmosphere. You can hear snippets of various games’ soundtracks.

Ambient Music

This playlist includes tracks focusing less on driving rhythms and more on creating an ethereal ambiance. Here, Will coordinates lush orchestral strings with electronic sounds which recreate a spacey, open environment.


If you would like to hear more compositions not listed in one of the playlists above, please visit my soundcloud page. There you may find several additional tracks.

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