Client Testimonials

“Will, the music composer for my recent project, “For Honor – Vikings vs Knight,” did a great job. His score was beautifully mastered. The cues went nicely with the film, but not systematically like some scores, rather, Will constructed a thematic composition, tapping into the broader subjects of the film and then into the character’s very emotions. He combined a darker, pounding theme, to compliment the action, with a softer, more emotional theme, to bring out what drove the characters. The final product is nothing short of brilliant. Will worked very well around my busy scheduled and displayed a commendable work ethic. I recommend Will Phillips Music Production’s services to any director looking for a powerful score and good service.”
-Tom Field (Director – For Honor:Vikings vs Knight)

“I’m always impressed when I can work with someone who can take creative license and explore, whilst knowing that their contribution fits within a larger piece, tone and theme of a project. Will is one of those people. His original score for a short film of mine was perfect, and Will always looked to offer his opinions and advice to help take the project to a new level. Honestly can’t wait to work with Will again!”
-Nick Kelly (Writer/Director – The Cure)

“Will I just want to say you are really professional I am blown away by your work ethic and ability to grasp abstract concepts that were in my head and pull them out into an amazing song. I really appreciate all the fine tuning you’ve done!”
-Jamal Yusuf

“Amazing. Beautiful. You had me hooked after the first 30 seconds.”
“Brilliant. … I also like that you’ve given this music your own unique flair.”
– Tucky Williams (Writer/Executive Producer – Dagger Kiss)

“Thank you Will for your awesome work. The game wouldn’t be where it is without your talent and dedication. We are already having folks asking for your assistance…”
– Bake450 Studios (Bread Kittens/Bread Puppies/Nomasaurus Rex – mobile games)

“Man that was FAST! You’re like the savior of indie game studios and I definitely could use these. … We’d definitely come back for more next game.”
– Yuanlin Lian (Aerogami – mobile game)

“Hey, I really like this one … It has also been a pleasure working with you, I’ll let you know if I do need more music, hopefully I will!”
– Corroding Games

“All in all, I am pleased. And especially impressed with your turnaround time.”
– Eric Vaughn

“That song is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Wow thank you, this really boosted the ambiance of my game.”
-Philip Plante (Droid Tower – game)

” Client is happy and has said he will need more music for the next game.”
-Rob Tracy (Rooftop Runner – game)

“I love it!”
– Grayson Honan

“Your compositions sound exactly like what I had in mind, both for the menu music and the battle one…”
-Bastien Gorissen (GSM Studios)

“I wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE what you’ve sent and love the direction you are going with it- couldn’t stop listening to the piece”
– Amanda Heller (author – Walk of the Red Wolf)

“…thank you endlessly for your contribution on this.”
-George Fuentes (Scoops of Steps – animated short)

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