Here are a few video samples of Will’s work; included are examples from web series, films, game cut-scenes, artistic collaborations, and logo stingers.

Promotional Video Montage

A montage of recent collaborations between composer Will Phillips and various film directors, producers, and artists.

Remnant 13

A very brief suite of themes and cues from Remnant 13.

Here is the FIRST “Official” Trailer for the upcoming zombie drama series, Remnant 13.

Dagger Kiss

Dagger Kiss, a series written and performed by Tucky Williams and produced by Tate Chmielewski, is now available from Tello Films. This series is a story of love, magic, and good vs. evil. Here we have two of the teaser trailers for Dagger Kiss.

Star Trek: Alien Domain Intro

Written and produced for the game Star Trek: Alien Domain, by Game Samba, Hang Ten Interactive, and CBS Studios. This particular video is from the cut-scene introduction for the Starfleet team, which tells the story leading up to the player’s arrival in the game. It features the music of the well known theme from The Next Generation at the end.

Death by Game Show

Here’s a short trailer the Oointah team created to promote Death by Game Show, with music by yours truly! This video makes use of the 4th (out of 7) track on the soundtrack, titled Robotic Rhythm.

“Town Spot” – Jingle/Logo Stinger

This is a short jingle composed for Town Spot, a web-based community that specializes in spotlighting local talent across the country. This brief excerpt involves a happy and memorable melody, yet is subdued to easily allow for voice over-dubbing.

(video property of All rights reserved.)

“Far Away” – Fractal Geometry

Yellow Box and Far Away are collaborative efforts between Will and Jérémie Brunet. This is a continued series of artistic renderings by Jérémie using fractal geometry as its focus. The music abstractly accompanies the ever changing animation.

“Yellow Box” – Fractal Geometry

(video by Jérémie Brunet)


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