Both Sides of the Law

Over the course of the past three months, I’ve had the opportunity to work on three amazing projects: Remnant 13, How Envy and Jealousy Killed Love, and Watching the Detectives. Each of the films are in entirely separate genres, which meant switching musical gears often and approaching each with its own unique feel. Remnant 13, the new zombie drama from Red Cap Productions, recently revealed the official trailer which gives a brief look into the initial stages of infection. The music draws on eerie uncertainty of what the future holds and epic nature of the events that lead to catastrophe.

Throughout June and July, I had the pleasure of working with two excellent filmmakers in the St. Louis community, Lilton Stewart III and Mark Williams. Lilton’s short film, How Envy and Jealousy Killed Love is a drama surrounding a St. Louis crime family and two brothers’ struggle to come to terms with one another’s affections for the same woman. The score for Envy and Jealousy tends to air on the melancholic side. A common “brotherly” theme is woven into the fabric of the musical soundscape which is present throughout the film, in an array of variations as well as tonalities.

So after scoring Lilton’s film, he informed me there was another (quite different) film on the bill the same night as the premiere of Envy & Jealousy and asked if I’d be interested in scoring it as well. 70’s cop drama funk… how could I possibly turn it down?! The theme for Mark Williams’ upcoming comedy web series Watching the Detectives, that chronicles the exploits of two detectives fired from the police force. With several references in mind, I set out to create a score which could emulate the music from television of yesteryear. Funky guitar riffs, strong horn lines, clamoring cymbals, and cinematic strings; this two-minute track has going for it everything a 1970s cop drama should be.


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