Upcoming: Equine Pathfinders Foundation

It’s always a treat to have the opportunity to work with people from across the globe, and this case is no exception. I have been asked to compose music to accompany a new promotional video for the Equine Pathfinders Foundation, based out of New Zealand. The staff at Dune Lake Lodge are working with horses to provide an environment where people struggling with any number of physical or mental afflictions can interact with each other, the Lodge, and the animals in order to cope with their own struggles and integrate fluidly with culture and society. It is an honor to collaborate with an organization with such a positive influence in the world.

equinepathfinders logo

“I’ve been blown away by the changes I’ve seen people go through in just half an hour with the horses following the steps the staff instruct when approaching, speaking to, and riding on the creatures. People leave Dune Lakes Lodge more comfortable with themselves and confident in their place alongside their peers.”
-Director, Anthony Nall

For more information about the charity:

And for more information about the facilities of the Lodge:

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