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Hey, hey! What’s goin’ on?

I know it’s been a while since I’ve last updated the site, so I thought I’d hop on and give some insight into what’s been going on and what to look forward to in the future. Pre-2020 there were several scoring projects on the docket, just waiting for filming or development to wrap up and editing to begin. Then the infamous Covid struck and filming anything became essentially impossible and dev teams were forced to stay separated which threw a massive wrench in game development. As a result, many of those projects eventually dried up or were rescheduled to shoot at some undetermined time. In the mean time, I had an unknown amount of time with no projects on the horizon. However, despite the strangeness of that time, the silver lining was obvious to me – it meant I had plenty of time to write and work on my own projects. So for the next few months (and eventually years) I spent a lot of time writing music of my own outside the constraints of deadlines.

It also allowed time to do more collaborative recording work with other musicians in the same dilemma, as well as made plenty of room for writing new music, making plans for the future, and opened up the world of streaming live video performances. Suffice to say, Covid didn’t really slow down the music-making in our world, it merely altered the direction more toward performance and recording of personal projects. I also want to make it clear that I don’t plan to abandon the world of film or game scoring, but my involvement in projects will be more selective as I plan to continue to focus heavily on personal projects and collaborations with other musical artists.

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Looking Ahead

The creative juices never stop flowing, so there’s certainly no shortage of ideas! You can expect that once one project is wrapped up, another one -or twelve – will be right behind it. Here are some of the upcoming projects I’m excited about releasing into the world in the near future, a bit about each one, and when you can expect to hear it yourself. Some projects are already completely recorded, mixed, mastered, just waiting to be duplicated and released. Meanwhile, other projects are still in the writing process and every step in between. And to learn even more about any of these projects, click here!

Dig InDig In is Home Grown Head’s most recent LP which explores six new originals penned by the group from 2020 onward. Looking forward to fully releasing Dig In this Fall!

Time is Now – Currently a work in progress, Time is Now will be a full-length album of jazz and soul-inspired pieces composed by yours truly. As the last compositions are beginning to wrap up, I’m super excited about this long term project finally nearing the recording phase and pushing it out into the world!

First LightFirst Light is a single release collaboration that combines jazz-infused composition and trumpeting with the EDM-infused electronic production of Living Sound Delusions to create a spacey, jazzy, head-boppin’ vibe. You can expect First Light to drop this Summer!

The Local Honeys – I had the distinct pleasure of recording a little trumpet on the song Dear Woodrow on their upcoming self-titled album from Linda Stokely and Montana Hobbs, the core members of The Local Honeys. You can hear their brand new album right now!

Funky collab (as yet untitled) – This EP album is another collaboration with Living Sound Delusions which features 70’s soul-inspired grooves with a healthy dose of funky horns. This one is still in the recording phase, but you can expect to see it in the coming months!

Click here to learn more about any of these projects!