Blood of the Stars

Things are really heating up on the composition front as we roll into February. I have my work cut out for me with the second season of Dagger Kiss. There is something quite a bit different about the second season compared to the first; this season will be presented as a film rather than a series. The full title being Dagger Kiss: Blood of the Stars, which refers to an item that possesses (like many things in the DK universe) magical powers.

The score thus far consists largely of character themes. Here, you can hear the new theme composed for Katia. In the previous season, I made the decision to compose a piece for each thematic element in the series: Magic, Love, and Evil. These familiar themes will also carry over, but will be completely re-arranged for use in Blood of the Stars.

The music presented here involves the main character, Arden, who has managed to finally find her way back to her long lost love after a trying journey across time and space. The music is reflective of the romantic moment they share, which is tender but with an underlying sadness. The two are excited to be with one another once again, yet know their trials have only just begun.

There is much more music to come – so stay tuned!


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