Will was fortunate to grow up in an inspiring music program in the Tullahoma City School district in Tennessee. He began playing Will_Trumpet_croppedtrumpet at the age of 11 which began his interest in arranging almost immediately. Within the next few years, Will continued to grow as a musician and trumpeter. During this phase, Will sought out as many opportunities to play as possible, performing with every academic group he could, as well as competitive bands, and local community ensembles. Being surrounded by music lead to the desire to comprehend it further than simply reading what’s on the page, and he began directing his attention more and more toward the compositional side of music in order to understand the intricacies behind it.

Will then began studying Music Education and Performance at the University of Kentucky with many excellent musicians and professors who expanded and encouraged his abilities to comprehend music more thoroughly. Throughout his collegiate career, he narrowed his focus on learning the ins-and-outs of musical forms, chordal structures, and theory in order to better understand the art of improvisation, arranging, and composition.

Will began composing semi-professionally around 2010, which has since grown into a full-fledged career. Since then, he has composed the scores/soundtracks to a multitude of games, independent films, web series, animated shorts, novel accompaniment pieces, and other media work such as logo stingers and themes. Outside of the world of multimedia, he has also done professional transcriptions for doctoral theses, a multitude of arrangements for marching bands, and co-arranged an entire musical theater production. Will looks forward to the next step in his musical journey, which he desires to expand further into the world of film, AAA games, and performance ensembles.

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